DIY Tips for Patching up Your 10-Foot Walls

Source: MorgueFile

Pictures, racks and wall hangings all look fabulous when you hang them up. Regrettably, that often requires punching a few holes in the walls that don't look so good when the pictures are removed. The next time you find yourself with a few holes in the wall of your apartments in Houston with 10-foot ceilings, follow these tips to fix them right … [Read more...]

Register Your Child for Houston Dynamo’s Youth Soccer

Houston Dynamo Youth Soccer

There are plenty of fun outdoor activities for residents of our pet-friendly apartments in East Houston to get involved in. For kids, there are youth sports in Houston that promise fun games, making new friends through teammates and the excitement of competing. The Houston Dynamo features programs for kids of all ages to participate in, so register … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Pet to Stop Digging Around the Yard

Uvalde Ranch

Our pet-friendly apartments in East Houston offer plenty of open space for your dogs to run and play, including individual patios and yards, but sometimes pets persist in behaviors that can seem illogical or bizarre. One type of behavior is digging, and it can be a result of a specific problem or a manifestation of an innate trait. In either case, … [Read more...]

Join Shape Up Houston’s Healthy Living Challenge

Woman In White Sports Gear

There are plenty of ways you can make healthy living in Houston a priority in your life. Our city has several locations where you can engage in outdoor recreation. You can visit a local fitness center, or you can even create your own mini-workout in your pet-friendly apartments in East Houston. If you want to ramp up your fitness routine, you can also … [Read more...]

Unplug and Start Saving More Energy at Home

Energy Saving Lightbulb

Our energy-efficient apartments in East Houston are already designed to help you save on your energy consumption, but there are still plenty of things you can do to make your life more environmentally friendly. When you take steps to live a more energy efficient life, you are also taking steps to conserve our natural resources and reduce our carbon … [Read more...]