Where to Eat in Houston: Hot Dog Stands and Restaurants

James Coney Island

Anybody can make a hot dog, but not everyone can make a great one. If you consider yourself a true hot dog connoisseur, then the following places are suggestions of where to eat in Houston to enjoy a truly amazing hot dog: El Perron serves hot dogs with a Mexican flair -- with plenty of onions, jalapenos, and even bacon! Add a smear of refried beans … [Read more...]

Find Jobs in Northeast Houston With Mission Foods

Mission Foods

Moving to a location can be a complete lifestyle makeover -- new home, new people, and new job. Finding a job can be difficult; however, there's a wealth of jobs in Houston available, and Mission Foods offers managerial positions to qualified individuals in the area. If Mission sounds familiar, you've probably seen them in the chip aisle or near the … [Read more...]

3 Benefits of Renting at Our Northeast Houston Location

3 Benefits of Renting at Our Northeast Houston Location

When you rent an apartment, you want to find one that is the ideal fit for you. Uvalde Ranch is conveniently located, offering you several benefits of living at our luxurious apartments. From our apartments, you have easy access to all of the major freeways. For instance, you are close to Lake Houston Parkway and Crosby Freeway. That means we're … [Read more...]

North Channel: Northeast Houston’s Pet Care Professionals

North Channel Northeast Houston's Pet Care Professionals

Our pet-friendly apartments in Northeast Houston are minutes away from North Channel Animal Hospital, a "companion small animal" hospital. This is where your pet can find all of the help he needs to regain his health, stop emergencies from turning into fatalities, or receive standard yearly pet care. From obesity to roundworms to pet dentistry to … [Read more...]

How to Remove Summer Stains from Your Laundry

How to Remove Summer Stains from Your Laundry

Through proper care, you can extend the life of your clothing and make it look good for years, and the first step in clothing care is taking care of pesky summer stains. Wipe the stained area: The first thing you need to do is wipe up as much of the stain as you can before it sets in. This is especially true for excess sunscreen or condiments that might … [Read more...]